Terms and Conditions

All coverage under this Policy is subject to the timely payment of Premium, which must be made payable to Insurer. Payment must be in the currency approved by the Insurer and is due on or before the Premium Payment Date shown on the Policy Declarations. Any other forms of currency shall not be accepted and will be considered as non-payment of Premium unless otherwise agreed by the Insurer.

Prior to each Premium Payment Date, the Insurer shall send to the Policyholder an invoice and shall also provide a listing of the Insured s. The Policyholder shall update such list with all changes and forward it to the Insurer together with the payment of the total Premium debit stated on or before the Premium Payment Date. If the list shows a Premium credit, the Insurer will credit the Policyholder, and apply such credit on the next billing cycle.

• The policy and rates shall be for one year and are continually subject to the terms in force at the time of each renewal date.
• The Company may change the Premium payable periodically, upon 30 days’ notice. However, generally, this policy will not be subject to any alteration in Premium rates during the Policy year.
• All Premiums are payable before coverage under this policy is provided.

A grace period of 30 days, without interest charge, will be allowed for payment of any Premium due after the first Premium. During the grace period, Insurer will suspend coverage for 30 days if Premium is not received by the Premium Payment Date. If Premium is received within 30 days from the Premium Payment Date, coverage will resume without interruption in coverage.

If the Premium due is not paid within the grace period, Insurer will cancel the Policy as of the Premium Payment Date for which the grace period was in effect. All unpaid Premium through the date of termination is the obligation of the Policyholder.

If the Insurer receives written notice by the Policyholder of its intent to cancel the Policy, the Insurer will cancel the Policy on the later of:
• The date requested by the Policyholder but no greater than 30 days from the date notice was received by the Insurer; or
• The date the Insurer receives the notice.

All unpaid Premium through the date of cancellation is the obligation of the Policyholder and any other Premium adjustments assessed as a result of cancellation. There are no refunds for policy cancellation.

There will be a service fee for any checks returned for insufficient funds, closed accounts, or for stop payments on checks. Returned checks will be treated as non-payment of Premiums.

The Company reserves the right to cancel any policy if the following conditions are not met:
• This policy will be canceled automatically upon nonpayment of the Premium, although the Company may at their discretion reinstate the coverage if the Premium is subsequently paid.
• If any Premium due from the policyholder remains unpaid, the Company may in addition defer or cancel payment of all or any claims for expenditures incurred during the period it remains unpaid.
• While the Company shall not cancel this policy because of eligible claims made by any Insured Person, it may at any time terminate an individual /or any of their eligible dependents in the group or subject his/her coverage to different terms if she/he or the policyholder has at any time:
– Misled the Company by misstatement or concealment;
– Knowingly claimed benefits for any purpose other than are provided for under this policy;
– Agreed to any attempt by a third party to obtain an unreasonable pecuniary advantage to our detriment;
– Failed to observe the terms and conditions of this policy or failed to act with utmost good faith.
• If the Company does cancel this policy, they shall give 30 days’ notice.

When you sign up and agree to be a policyholder for our insurance services, you provide us with a continuous payment authority (“CPA”) so that we can collect instalment Premiums automatically from your bank account using the debit card or the credit card that you nominate for this purpose. All instalment Premiums will carry a 5% uplift and will have to be agreed as to when the instalments will be made. An initial payment at the time of application will be payable immediately including the fee of 5%.
A policyholder can cancel at any time in accordance with our “terms & conditions” located in the above paragraph. You may ask us to cancel CPA by using the contact details found on our website. Cancellation of this CPA will be effective from the date that we receive such notification. Alternatively, you may refer to your bank directly to proceed with the cancellation.

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, within 14 days of your purchase you will entitled to a full refund. However if this exceeds the 14 day period and there are no claims made against your policy then the Premium returned will reflect the months left on the policy less an administration charge of 5%.