Understanding Health Insurance

Unparalleled coverage and quality care no matter where in the world you may be.

What is Health insurance

International health insurance is a yearly policy designed to offer coverage for private healthcare to people living, working, or studying in foreign countries. A typical plan covers inpatient care for serious medical issues, but a more thorough policy may also include doctor visits, preventive health checks, telemedicine services, dental and vision care. Additionally, some plans may offer extras like travel insurance, legal expense coverage, or job support programs. The cost of the insurance is determined by the level of coverage chosen.

What is included?

Our worldwide health initiatives are designed to support you no matter where you travel

24x7 Access to our call-centre

Pre-authorisation of treatment and direct settlement, evacuation and repatriation

Account management

Dedicated point of contact for admin or enrolment enquiries

Emergency medical evacuations

Medical evacuation for a life threatening condition in case of no access to appropriate care nearby

Hospital treatment

Coverage for hospital admission including doctor fees, surgery, nursing care, theatre charges, and diagnostic tests.

Cancer Care

Full cover for cancer treatment

Pre-existing conditions covered

Outpatient cover for declared and accepted pre-existing conditions

Direct billing

Cashless service for international inpatient treatment, prehospital consultations and diagnostics

Fast international reimbursement procedure

Adjudication within 2 working days and payout within 3 working days

Multi-linguistic doctors

24/7 doctors in English, Russian, Arabic and French

Ask us for a quote

If you have any questions or you want additional information please contact us

Who we cover

We are here to support your lifestyle

Diplomats, IGOs and NGOs

If you require a special cover due to your status as a diplomat or because you work for international/non-governmental organisations


Digital nomads and expats

If you are moving abroad for work or family reasons

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High net worth individuals

If you are a wealthy individual seeking more extensive coverage than what is offered by local healthcare

Which plan is the best fit for me?

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$ 1 mln

Annual benefit limit

  • Inpatient & day-care treatments
  • Pre & post-hospitalisation treatments
  • Cancer Cover
  • Ambulances
  • Evacuation and Repatriation


$ 3 mln

Annual benefit limit

  • All the benefits of Elite
  • Outpatient Cover
  • Maternity & Newborn care
  • Wellness checks


$ 3 mln

Annual benefit limit

  • All the benefits of Privilege
  • Dental benefits
  • Optical benefits

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the product and service proposition.

  •  All applications are underwritten at the beginning of the process
  • Rates and any exclusions notified take into consideration the medical conditions of the applicant in advance of policy issuance, so the insured is confident of the coverage and there is little room for disappointment when a claim is submitted.
  • Typically rates are provided within a day unless further medical information is required.
  • Applications should be sent to international@crossborderhp.com
  • Where possible the approach is to consider a loading for pre-existing conditions that are under control.
  • Being on high blood pressure and/or cholesterol medication when joining the plan does not necessarily preclude coverage or result in exclusions.
  • Consequently most applicants are offered coverage without exclusions.
  • Plans with out-patient coverage have a provision to cover some expenses after a 270-day waiting period where the pre-existing condition is more severe, and which otherwise would be excluded entirely.
  •  This means that insureds with more severe cardiovascular or endocrine pre-existing conditions will still get some coverage for annual testing and doctor’s visits.

CHP/CHPAssist will answer the phone 24 hrs a day
Tel: +44 (0)20 3836 7500 (English/Russian)
Tel: + 7 (701) 763 52 (+ WhatsApp, Telegram)
Tel: +961 1 518 456 (French/Arabic/English)
Email: claims@crossborderhp.com

What our members say about us

Incredible support

I want to express my deepest gratitude to the CHP team for their exceptional support during my surgery in Malaysia. Your team worked quickly and harmoniously, ensuring a smooth and successful operation.

Arsen T

Exceeding expectations

On my behalf CHP team effectively managed various treatments in Istanbul, addressing complex issues with precision and flexibility. The CHP staff has been exceptional—caring, efficient, and a joy to deal with.

Ted P

Patience and professionalism

During my trip to Germany, I lost consciousness and broke my arm. The CHP team was exceptionally patient and supportive. Their advice was precise and incredibly helpful. The team's empathy and care made me feel well looked after.
Svetlana A